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Adopted GF March 5th 2011
The following rules shall be mandatory for the NHF fishing competitions in Norway.

Norwegian Sea Fishing Association encourages its members to exercise due care, be compassionate and helpful in their behavior. A smile and a helping hand will rarely be a violation of a fish rule.


1. Announcement of competition

1.1 NAD fishing competitions will be announced on the NAD website. Advertising rates are determined annually by the General Assembly. The operator is obliged to submit the advertisement to NHF at least 3 months before the deadline. NHF is obliged to publish the ad on the website no later than two months before the competition deadline.

1.2 The ad should include information about:

a) Local Hero and event name

b) schedule (time, place, attendance, set off)

c) deadline

d) liaison with mobile / e-mail

e) place and time for båttrekning

f) participation fee

g) Reward: class / number

h) weight / points system

i) permitted to bring / not bring your own GPS

j) of fishing

k) limit the number of fish

l) the exclusion of species

m) minimum

n) bleeding method / possibly fish not be bled

o) any reimbursement v / cancellation of festivals


2. Båttrekning

2.1 Participants shall be allocated on boats by lot. 4-man squad to be distributed at least two boats.

2.2 If participants want to get on the same boat, pulled the boat on one participant. Then place the other in the same boat.

2.3 For the two days of fishing, it should be replaced boat each day to equalize conditions.


3. Promoter’s responsibilities

3.1 The organizer is responsible for the publication of the competition will be made in accordance with paragraph 1 The organizer reserves the right to make changes, if weather or other circumstances.

3.2 The Promoter is free when it comes to limiting the number of fish, increased minimum size and the exclusion of certain fish species. The contests may be announced by weight / points system.

3.3 It is incumbent upon the organizer to obtain a sufficient amount of natural bait.

3.4 The organizer is responsible for obtaining plastic bags / boxes.

3.5 All weighing shall be carried out on land.

3.6 Measuring Pins will be available on board the boats. Minimum size can not be smaller than what the public for recreational fishing regulations dictate.

3.7 Any participant should be ensured an adequate field of work on board.

3.8 The Promoter shall inform the driver of the boat on their tasks so that they have the best possible condition to make a good job for submissions.

3.9 Promoter determines whether it is allowed to use brought / Personal GPS during the competition.

3.10 The Promoter shall select fishing boat skipper and assistant to each boat. It is not allowed to use your boat as a fishing boat skipper or assistant.

11.3 All boats shall have communication equipment (mobile / VHF). The organizer should before the start informing local authorities, for example: police, pilot, rescue company, port authority on the event.

3.12 The Promoter shall elect a protest committee. The organizer will hang up the names of committee members clearly visible to participants.

3.13 The Promoter shall report any discrepancies in writing to the NHF, be it violation of fishing regulations, unethical conduct, alcohol abuse or other items that are unwanted in our deep-sea environment

3.14 The Promoter shall pay the prescribed fee to the NHF as soon as possible (within 7 days) after the event is completed, and also the results or NAD summary form to the union’s secretariat within the same deadline.


4. The participant’s responsibility

4.1 It is the participant’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the applicable regulations of the Norwegian Sea Fishing Association.

4.2 Each participant must bring an approved flotation devices, such as life jackets, jacket or suit.

4.3 All participating in fishing competitions at your own risk. Deep Sea Fishing Club as organizer and / or the Norwegian Sea Fishing Association is not liable for injury to participants or their equipment.

4.4 It is the participant’s responsibility to meet up at the dock at the appointed time. A participant who arrive late may lose the opportunity to buy bait, receive information etc.

4.5 If a participant believes that another participant violate fishing regulations, the participant shall notify the fisherman or notify the fishing boat skipper.


5. Fishing vessel Meeting

5.1 Fishing vessel meeting shall be held before you set off each competition. The organizer decides the meeting content, but NHF recommends the following information items:

fishing area
first aid
deviation from the advertised program
any distribution of effects (measuring sticks, punch cards, bags etc.)
6. Captain of fishing vessel

6.1 Fishing vessel and assistant must ensure that competition rules are followed. See in particular section 7.5 and 8.7

6.2 The operator is the highest authority on board in all matters relating to safety and maneuverability. For all other questions are fishing boat skipper highest authority.

6.3 There shall be deducted each day fishing lots for placement onboard before fishing starts. In what way determines promoter. After consultation with the participants and the operator determines fishing skipper where the field is to be caught. At different perception applies majority rule. Upon vote, the fishing boat skipper casting vote.

6.4 Fishing vessel shall ensure that all participants have an approved flow and / or rescue element. If a participant does not have or can not borrow it, he shall appear in the land. This should not cause financial strain for the organizers.


7. Fishing gear/equipment

7.1 Each participant will be fishing with rod and reel without help from others. Rods must be at least 5’6 «(1676 mm) and not longer than 10 ‘(3048 mm).

7.2 tackle the main rod can only be put on after you have come on board, and it must be removed before entering the country. It is allowed to have two spare rods, but without applied tackle.

7.3 You are permitted to use both natural and artificial bait. Live bait is not permitted, except land.

7.4 You are permitted to use the jig with triple hook and up to two single hooks, or max 3 single hooks. If triple hook removed from the jig, and we extend the distance between the jig and hook with eg. lace, sinew, wire or the like to more than 5 cm are considered jig vertically. In such cases, a triple hook count as three (3) single hooks.

7.5 Jig or solder must weigh at least 100 grams. Promoter may determine / fix higher minimum weight. Fish skipper, after consultation with the other participants on board establish an upper or lower weight limit if circumstances require, but not less than the predetermined minimum weight.

7.6 Rake and gaff may be used.

7.7 Use of artificial lights are not allowed.

7.8 Upper arm kickback is not allowed.

7.9 You are permitted to use brought bait.


8. Fish Competition

8.1 Classes individually with age:

A) Lord of the calendar year they turn 19.

B) Women of the year they turn 19 years.

C) Junior of the calendar year they turn 14 years old and that year they turn 18.

D) Senior of the calendar year they turn 60 years

It is up to the organizer to have their own senior class.

It should be voluntary to participate in the senior class. This must be notified at registration.

8.2 Team competition for up to four people will be mandatory. The organizer can choose whether they want to have other team competitions.

8.3 In fishing competitions organized by the NHF will be fished from non-anchors / anchor boats.

8.4 The Promoter shall ensure that all participants receive the same effective fishing time, and that no boats have advantages such. at a greater speed than the maximum speed that the organizer decides. Top speed is set at 8 knots from the set off and fished closing, unless the organizer sets another top speed. Gross violations of this rule can lead to disk.

8.5 The fishing should take place within a predetermined range. The organizer shall, if possible, ensure that you have an alternative fishing area in case of inclement weather. Participants who choose to stay on land while the festival wound is not entitled to a refund of entry fees. Responsibility for decision on cancellation of the festival because of bad weather incumbent organizing committee and the driver of the boat together.

8.6 Participants will even put the bait on the hook and take the fish off the hook. It is allowed to help each other in difficult situations and fish. Participants, however, has the opportunity to receive assistance klepping or håving of fish. Boat can not drive by floating fish.

8.7 All fish should be bled or registered in accordance with the admission and before new release. The fish will not have a broken neck. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the fish is above the minimum before it bled registered. Fish are measured from tip of the snout to the end of the tail outer rays. The spur can proceed. If a participant has undersized fish to the weighing shall be removed and reported to the organizer. The same rule applies for unbled fish. Fish must be weighed in without hook or other foreign matter.

8.8 It bled on instructions from the organizer (see Section 1.2 n)

8.9 Viable fish can be released again.

8.10 Fish caught on the way up after signaled closed fishing season are eligible. Active fishing signaled closed fishing season is not allowed.

8.11 Participants who have hooked fish within the stipulated fishing may continue to land the fish until it is on board. If a fisherman (or more) get big fish on the hook, the fishing boat skipper direct that other fishermen will bring in their liner. These fishermen must then be attributed lost fishing time.

8.12 Fish from own catch that participants retain even accrue organizer.


9. Protest committee

9.1 Protest Committee shall have five members, two from the organizing club and 3 from the other participants. The committee elects a chairman. The Manager shall not be from the organizing club. The NM should be a member of the national executive committee.

9.2 A protest must be submitted in writing to one of the protest committee members within one (1) hour after weigh-end the day in question.

9.3 Protest Committee shall address all questions regarding protests. For the case of the committee members, the person concerned of the Committee and the new member is appointed. All parties and relevant witnesses should, if they wish, have the opportunity to give his version of the matter before a final decision is taken.

9.4 In particularly serious violations of competition rules, a contestant is disqualified by the protest committee. Disqualification shall be in writing and signed justified.

9.5 Protest Committee decisions are final and can not be overridden.

9.6 The Committee Chairman shall, regardless of protests or not, fill NHF evaluation for fishing contest and submit it to the NAD Board as soon as possible (within 7 days) after the competition.

Special fishing regulations for the World Championship in cod fishing:

You are allowed to fish with hand lines for tourist class
During Friday’s competition (Lofoten Cup) counts all fish species, while on Saturday (World skrefiske) only fished for cod