Vågan Boat and Deep Sea Fishing Association (VBSF) is an ideal boat association situated in Marinepollen in Svolvær in the Lofoten Islands. Every year at the end of March (dependent on Easter) VBSF organizes the world championship in cod fishing – in 2014 for the 24th time! VBSF also organizes a deep sea fishing club, “Marinepollen Havfiskeklubb”.

The association owns six piers which hold 248 boats. The number of members totals 252. There is also a club house totaling 250 square metres. The club house contains a large meeting room, rest rooms and a shower. We especially appreciate our big storage room where all necessary equipment for the piers and the World Cup is stored. On the first floor of the club house you will find the offices for VBSF and the World Cup. Since 2008 and 2013 VBSF and the world championship in cod fishing are registered trade marks.

VBSF rely on the local industries to supply us with the necessary housing for the World Cup arrangement. The “Double Freezer” (“Dobbeltfrysa”) at the quay side in Svolvær has served us well over the recent years. In 2013 and 2014 there were approximately 660 registered competitors. This implies that we need a building of a certain size to handle the fish (gutting and weighing) and to supply the competitors and the locals with a suitable café.

There has been a constant growth in the number of participants – probably we will have to set a limit to the number in the coming years.
We need between 70 and 90 boats to take all the competitors to sea.



  1. The organizer (VBSF) takes no responsibility for weather conditions (“force majeure”). We refer to Norway’s Deep Sea Fishing Association, #8.12
  2. Weighed fish that is not kept by the competitors, is the property of the organizer.
  3. On the background of the enormous quantities of fish in the recent years and also the capacity of the fish handlers, it is the organizer’s privilege to reduce the time span for fishing, when necessary. The organizer is also free to reduce the number of hooks allowed on each line.
  4. Because of the volume of the arrangement, and the number of licenced boats, we cannot guarantee special wishes from competitors to be on the same boat. We will, however, do our best to oblige everyone!
  5. It is of the utmost importance that all maintenance rules for boats are strictly adhered to. Every boat MUST be equipped with a VHF, life jackets and life rafts for everyone on board. Boats should also be equipped with spanker, reversing gear or variable gear.
  6. This is the responsibility of all boat owners. All skippers must make sure that all boat-number flags are handed in when the competition is over. (NOK 1000 in fine for every flag not handed in).

  7. Top speed is 8 knots from start to end of the competition.
  8. Please note that invoice for registration will not be sent before approximately 10 January the year of the competition.
  9. It is the skipper’s responsibility to make sure that everyone on board abstain from alcohol during the fishing competition.

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